Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bet It Hit Rim #5: The False Center

On Al Horford against the Phoenix Suns Sunday.

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jlabomb said...

Need to de-interlace that video, it will take the lines out that you see. You can use Winff, its free and great. Good job on the video. Even with Horford doing a good job Nash still can get the shot he wants against us hence the 7-11 from the field.

How do the Suns hide Nash on defense so well? I never once saw Nash posted up by a bigger guy but all night Bibby was on much larger people. I don't care who the PG is they will not be able to defend SF - PF in the post unless they are Kidd. That switch defense didn't work well in my opinion that game seemed like we got burned all the time with it and didn't understand why we didn't stop.

Bret LaGree said...

Thanks for the technical tip, James, I'll check that out.

As for Nash, if you re-watch that game, you'll see that more than one of the threes Atlanta hit in the third came with Nash either closing out on a bigger guard, or biting on a pump fake to leave an Atlanta guard an open three.

Phoenix hide him on the perimeter, he does a decent job anticipating the opposition offense so he gets a fair number of steals and draws some charges (not unlike Mike Bibby in those respects) but they make a concerted effort never to get Nash in traffic or defending the paint in the half-court.

Obviously, the Hawks don't draw a similar line when it comes to their guards. That may have something to do with how good Smith and Horford are defensively, though.