Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quotes, Notes, and Links: Utah Jazz 90 Atlanta Hawks 86


Hoopdata boxscore


Joe Johnson:
"I didn’t get too excited about 6-0 because we weren’t playing playoff teams."
Al Horford:
"I have to take the blame for not knocking down those free throws at the end. But I will just have to keep working because I know I will be back in that situation again."
Larry Drew on rebounding:
"It’s a problem. It won’t be fixed until we get into our mindset that we have to pay more attention and be more focused. It will be worked on every day in practice, I can tell you that. It won’t be something we will let slide."
I think this organization might actually believe that rebounding and defense are pure manifestations of effort and "mindset" rather than talent. Neither will stop being a weakness for the team until that changes.

Deron Williams had three offensive rebounds. Earl Watson, Ronnie Price, and CJ Miles each had one. Al Horford and Josh Smith can't cover for their teammates defensively and box out multiple opponents and chase down every loose rebound.

Michael Cunningham on the fourth straight loss being the least bad loss of the four:
It’s not like the Hawks quit, either. It’s just that for the third time in the last four games they weren’t good enough to finish off a quality opponent. Viewed in isolation, this wasn’t such a terrible loss for the Hawks. But placed in the context of those losses to Phoenix and Orlando and the surrender against Milwaukee, this was a game the Hawks couldn’t lose.
Jerry Sloan:
"Even when we had a little trouble to start the season. at least they stayed together and worked themselves out of it. That’s the only way you have a chance. If you get [in] an ice pick fight out in the parking lot, then you have to try to solve that problem."
Al Jefferson on Sloan:
"He motivates us so well — for us to just go out there and leave it out on the floor."
The ice pick metaphors will do that.


This item from the game recap was inaccurate:
The easiest solution would be to reduce Powell's minutes (the Hawks were -10 in the 11:25 he played tonight, they were outscored by 8.5 points per 100 possessions he was on the court this season entering the game) to something approaching zero.
There appears to be a one-day discrepancy between the "data through" line on and the data itself. Entering last night's game, the Hawks were outscored by 10.8 points per 100 possessions Josh Powell was on the court during the season.

I apologize for the mistake.

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Adam Malka said...

Regarding the Powell situation... it's even more absurd because Horford is averaging less than 31 minutes per game.

Larry Drew has used the bench more than has Mike Woodson, true, but he's not being creative about it. Rather, he's generally keeping Horford and Pachulia in prescribed roles--they're "Centers"--which means they rarely share the court together. I wonder what kind of rebounding team the Hawks would be with both guys on the floor at the same time for a sustained period.

There must be a way to get your bench involved AND ALSO keep a competitive team on the floor all game. Whatever that way is, Larry Drew hasn't found it yet.