Saturday, November 06, 2010

Quotes, Notes, and Links: Atlanta Hawks 113 Minnesota Timberwolves 103



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A delightful Larry Drew quote which demonstrates a self-possession his predecessor lacked:
"If the effort isn't there, I don't care how good the gameplan is. For most part we have done a good job with the gameplan and with effort and energy defensively. Our problem has been the end result when that shot has gone up, that second effort of getting your bodies on people to get the board. That's where the last game we struggled."
As nice as it is to watch the offense, an offense, function, let's not overlook the often unseen power of good communication between coach and players.

Joe Johnson:
"I don’t know if we’ve played any playoff teams but a win is a win."
Al Horford:
"Last year we gave up games like this to teams that didn’t make the playoffs. We are heading in the right direction, and it’s good to see."
Two statements equally true.

Michael Cunningham updates Marvin Williams's injury:
L.D. said Marvin would be out “at least a week” with the bone bruise.
Cunningham on Jamal Crawford:
By my count, this makes three games where the Hawks would have lost without Jamal doing his thing. He scored 10 of Atlanta’s 30 points in the second quarter and 10 of their 30 in the fourth. He was even energetic while challenging shots. The six turnovers against one assist were the only blemishes.
Count Darko Milicic among those of us unimpressed with Jason Collins's defense:
"Looking awful on the court on offense. Disgusts myself."

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