Friday, September 17, 2010

Yahoo!: Wojnarowski: Dampier Ponders Free Agent Options

Adrian Wojnarowski reports on Erick Dampier's possible destinations:
Free-agent center Erick Dampier(notes) is finalizing a list of teams he’ll meet with in the near future, a league source told Yahoo! Sports.

Dampier’s list is expected to be topped by the Miami Heat and Houston Rockets, as well as a potential sleeper: the Atlanta Hawks. Dampier still hasn’t decided how many teams he wants to meet with, but there are multiple suitors for him.
This presents a dilemma. On the one hand, there's the opportunity to add a fifth center to the roster, though this one's 35 years old and possibly as good as Zaza Pachulia. On the other hand, every dollar over $1,423,195 million spent on Dampier this season will cost double or necessitate a salary dump before the final day of the regular season.

(HT: Royce Young)


Unknown said...

I'm still at a loss on how not drafting a rookie center with upside with the 31st pick (such as Hassan Whiteside) and then signing aging terrible vets like Thomas and Collins helps us save money.

Am I missing something?

Bronnt said...

John, that's still the most ridiculous example of money management I've seen. Selling a pick for 400k and then adding Jason Collins to be a total non-factor again is like exact reverse of responsible financial planning.

Jason Mann said...

I thought the Hawks received $3 million for selling that pick. Anyone have a source confirming the number?