Thursday, September 30, 2010

2010-11 Season Preview: Josh Powell

Futzing around with acquiring two third-string centers in their 30s, neither of whom are likely to contribute is disheartening but unlikely to have a tangible impact on the 2010-11 season. The Hawks, because they already employ two centers, one borderline great, the other perfectly useful and previously underutilized, were almost certainly going to employ one third-string center unlikely to play very often.

Managing to find a backup power forward to be (one hopes) the fourth big man in the post rotation who could quite possibly be less productive than Joe Smith was last season might actually hurt the team. Any hopes for Josh Powell helping should be confined to the offensive glass. That's something, just not something the Hawks, the fifth best offensive rebounding team in the league last season, especially need. Powell struggles to finish at the rim, takes (and misses) a lot of jump shots, doesn't contribute on the defensive glass, and was not a measurably positive defensive factor overall the last two seasons with the Lakers.

In 2008-09, Solomon Jones played 675 minutes as the fourth big man. Joe Smith played 592 minutes last season. Good health for Josh Smith, Al Horford, and Zaza Pachulia and frequent exposure to Josh Powell's limitations could further define that role down.

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