Friday, September 17, 2010 Vote For the Greatest Hawks Team of All-Time

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I went Wilkens/Johnson/Wilkins/Pettit/Rollins though I'd have voted Lou Hudson at the 2 had that been an option.


Bronnt said...

Would you really take Rollins over Mutombo? I don't get why Moses Malone is leading that poll, since he was just a Hawk for three years very late in his career.

Deke, though-we only got four and a half years of him, but they were of his prime years. He may not have been quite the shot blocker Rollins was, but he was a much better scorer and rebounder. I'd really have to go with Mutombo there on a lot of counts.

Bret LaGree said...

I'd agree that each of Mutombo's seasons in Atlanta were better than any Tree Rollins season, but Rollins anchored the defense (if my childhood recollections and legend are to be trusted) for 11 seasons, with the last few being the best Hawks teams of the last 40 years.