Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Etan Thomas: The Thunder Are the Future

Etan Thomas:
I just signed with the Atlanta Hawks and am truly thankful to be a part of their organization. I am truly blessed. I see how many good players there are still not signed, and that makes me even more thankful. This is a great organization with a young, exciting, extremely talented team. I am looking forward to contributing to the success of this team this upcoming season in any way that coach Larry Drew sees fit.

I wanted to write an article thanking the Oklahoma City Thunder and the entire state of Oklahoma. I had a great time there, and that organization really has something special. From top to bottom they are really a first-class organization. I have read a lot of articles since the end of the summer that questioned if what the Thunder organization accomplished last year was somewhat of a fluke or if they are the real deal.

Allow me to speak from first-hand experience, from someone who has actually seen what goes on behind closed doors and has been in the trenches with the team for an entire season… This was definitely no fluke, and here are the reasons why.
1776 words in praise of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Jeff Green, the team's bench depth, Sam Presti, and the Oklahoma City fans follow

Clip-and-save until Summer 2011, then compare and contrast with his farewell blog post about the Hawks.

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