Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pape Sy Contract Details

Michael Cunningham reports that the Atlanta Hawks signed Pape Sy to a three-year deal, with the first year fully guaranteed for the rookie minimum of $473,604. That brings the team's 2010-11 salary commitments to $68,883,805, leaving the Hawks $1,423,195 below the luxury tax threshold with one open roster spot remaining. The buyout agreed with STB Le Havre was approximately $125,000.

Cunningham also quotes Rick Sund on the subject of Sy spending time in the D-League. Sund:
"It gives us another young guy who we can develop and maybe send to the D-League and get some experience. He could help us down the line."
Though any expectations should be seriously tempered and flexible due to Sy's limited production in limited minutes in both France* and summer league, keep the words Sund used, especially "could" and "down the line," foremost in the mind when forming them.

*To be fair, Sy played almost as many minutes as Etan Thomas and Jason Collins combined last season, albeit in the France.


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting the numbers!

Natural Neutral said...

What were his French League stats?

Bret LaGree said...

Ben --

His full stats can be seen through the link in the post, but, long story short, he played 14 minutes a game for a below average team in the French League, shot the ball well, but committed more fouls than he had rebounds or assists.

Natural Neutral said...

Well glad we have that to look forward to! But it seems like this was a wiser move by ASG at least in that Sy arguably has upside, and only costs 400k plus 125k buyout (which doesn't factor into luxury tax considerations), compared to other veterans minimum contracts of players with more cheeseburger than upside.