Friday, June 13, 2008

Rick Sund's Honeymoon Is Over

It's official.
“We are happy to have reached agreement with Mike on a new deal that signals his return to the Hawks bench,” said Sund. “Even though I came to my new position after their exciting playoff run, I have spent a great deal of time familiarizing myself with Mike’s philosophy, direction and strategies since taking the job, and I’m comfortable he will help this team reach its potential and build upon the success they enjoyed this past season.
That's really all I need to know. Mike's philosophy and strategies mostly consist of posting up his best jump shooter while keeping his worst jump shooter 20 feet from the basket, playing Marvin Williams more than Josh Childress, and an inability to count to six.

Oh, and 37 wins and a first-round playoff loss wherein you're outscored by 12 points per game counts as a successful season. Thanks for making my season ticket purchasing decision for me.

Mike Woodson's public reaction to his extension demonstrates why those of us who follow the team closely consider his shocking lack of insight/inability to utter a coherent thought to be his signature characteristic:
"I want to thank Rick for this opportunity, and to express my gratitude to the fans for the unbelievable support they’ve shown during my time here. I’ve watched these players grow individually and collectively..."
Ballhype: hype it up!

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