Monday, June 02, 2008

Rick Sund Answers Micah Hart's Questions

Good questions, reasonable answers. The playoff run was exciting, but many fans felt the team underachieved in the regular season. When you look at this team going forward, how much do you weigh the team’s postseason run against its regular season performance?

RS: The Hawks were a young team. If you ask any basketball person in the NBA what to expect from a team with young players, if they ready to blossom, they will say they will probably be better later in the season as the chemistry improves. That’s what you saw from the Hawks over the last 20-25 games of this past season.

When the season starts, the first goal for any team is to make the playoffs, irrespective of record. As your team matures and your standards are raised then you set your sights higher, say for home court advantage in the playoffs. But making the playoffs is an impressive feat for any team, and now you take last season and you say, let’s improve on our 37 wins and get into the 40s and get back to the playoffs. I think last season was a positive sign for the Hawks and allows us to set some goals for next season that are achievable.
Micah earns extra credit for working David Andersen into two (2) of the questions.

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Anonymous said...

My big question about David Andersen is:

If you shoot 54% from three in Euro, does that translate into shooting 40% from three in the NBA?

I would like to think so.