Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Hawks Franchise Doesn't Care About Winning, Should We?

The nightmare scenario appears likely to become reality:
A two-year contract for Hawks coach Mike Woodson has been extended and awaits only his signature to be completed, according to two people familiar with the situation.
This franchise is of the opinion that a man with a career record of 106-222, a man who does not hold the respect of the franchise's best player (who is, by the by, a free agent of sorts), a man who cannot figure out how to deploy the few good players he's been given to coach so as to utilize their strengths and hide their weaknesses, a man whose offensive system does not appear to take into account the legality of zone defenses, a man whose least unsuccessful team had chronic problems (problems they spoke about publicly and repeatedly) with game preparation and consistently playing hard, a man who has demonstrated little to no interest in playing the 11th overall pick, a man who has failed to develop the skills of players who came to the NBA less than fully formed, a man who consistently struggles to express a coherent thought to the media deserves a new contract. This franchise believes that this man needs more time to demonstrate that he is unsuited for the job of NBA head coach. This franchise believes that it is better off with two more years of Mike Woodson than with Avery Johnson, Flip Saunders, Dwane Casey, or anyone else who has proven himself to be a competent NBA coach.

I'm setting the over/under on Mike Woodson's firing as January 28th. Sam Vincent's not coaching in the Eastern Conference anymore. Isiah Thomas isn't running the Knicks into the ground anymore. Miami won't be tanking the 2008-09 season. Chicago has the #1 pick in the draft. 37 wins won't provide an illusion of success next year. Reality will set in too late. Prepare yourself for a wasted season.

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Anonymous said...

On the plus side, Woodson's new contract will expire about the time that Larry Brown gets the urge to leave Charlotte.

CoCo said...

This is all Joe's fault. Woody is his guy so its no coincidence that their contracts have the same amount of years remaining.

Matt said...

I'm concerned that none of the players seem to be speaking out. Joe Johnson has actually spoken in defense of Woodson, who thinks that he has the full support of his team. Do they really like him? I can't understand why anybody thinks he isn't a horrible coach!

Anonymous said...

Why would the players want a coach who might potentially come in and have high expecactions for his team?

The situation is great for them right now because 41 wins would count as a successful season. Makes it much easier to justify lackluster road performances when you don't really need to win any of them.