Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Pistons Have Asked Permission To Speak With Woodson

Let's not set the baseline of Joe Dumars' decisions as a GM at drafting Darko Milicic 2nd overall just yet, reports Sekou Smith:
According to my spy the Detroit Pistons have asked for permission to speak with Hawks coach Mike Woodson (that’s his title for at least the next 26 days or so unless something breaks before the end of the month) about their vacant coaching position.

Solid reports out of Detroit have Pistons assistant Michael Curry lined up for the job. But the Pistons have apparently covered their bases if that doesn’t work out by contacting the representative of Woodson, who was the lead assistant on Larry Brown’s staff when the Pistons won the NBA title in 2004.
Smith mentions another possible destination for Woodson should Rick Sund do the right thing:
Another twist, if you will, just popped into my email inbox. The Bobcats just announced a “portion” of Brown’s staff, with the lead assistant’s position clearly not one of them. That means there is another opening out there for Woodson if things don’t pan out either in Detroit or with the Hawks.
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your friendly Bulls Blogger said...

read (can't find the link) about Sund hiring former Seattle assistant Dwayne Casey. I think that'd be a solid hire.

Bret LaGree said...

I agree about Casey. Plus, his asking price should be within ownership's acceptable range.

Anonymous said...

Someone call up Dumars and let him know I am willing to pay for Woodson's ticket to Detroit.


Anonymous said...

Great, just f'ing great. Welcome to another two years of Woodson. It really sucks to sit here and watch the careers/talents/skills of some really great players get completely wasted away under this scrub who should have never been hired in the first place.

I feel so bad for the Joshes, AL4, West, Big Al, and the rest with the only exception being JJ. He wanted this and now he's got it. I'm so sick of this franchise right now. Why can't Nique just take over?