Tuesday, May 20, 2008

GM Search Update

Marc Stein has been all over the Hawks search for a new (and, fingers-crossed, competent) GM. This morning he reports that Spurs assistant general manager Dennis Lindsey has withdrawn his name from consideration for the job:
"Mr. Gearon has been terrific throughout the whole process and I greatly appreciate the Hawks' interest," Lindsey said Monday, referring to Hawks part-owner Michael Gearon Jr.

"Because of family considerations and professional considerations, I've decided to stay in San Antonio."
That leaves three names remaining from the initial list of candidates:
Portland Trail Blazers personnel scout John Gabriel, Washington Wizards vice president of basketball administration Tommy Sheppard and Boston Celtics assistant general manager Dave Wohl
Ballhype: hype it up!


chris whiffen said...

i think we can safely assume that gearon is insisting that woodson comes with the gm position...

Anonymous said...

"Welcome to Atlanta. We're pleased to learn of your interest in our vacant general manager position. We'd like to inform you what this position entails.

"You're in charge of resigning both Josh's. We've already made that decision for you. Likewise, you're in charge of resigning Mike Woodson. We've made that decision for you. You're not allowed to make a move with the head coach unless and until we've agreed to it.

"This team forced the Celtics to a game 7. Your job is to improve upon that. We want to have a winning record and #4 seed. Of course, nearly all of our available budget will be spent on retaining Josh Smith and Childress. All of our draft picks have been traded, so no need to worry about that.

"Oh, and there's a slim chance that Steve Belkin wins the lawsuit and gains control of the franchise and fires everyone."

Yeah, we won't have any problems finding a new GM.