Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rick Sund To Be Named New GM


Sund was the GM of the Seattle Supersonics from the 2001-02 to 2006-07 seasons. Seattle won 45, 40, 37, 52, 35, and 31 games (.488 winning percentage in total) in those seasons. They made the playoffs twice, losing to the Spurs in five games (3-2) in the first round of the 2001-02 playoffs and to the Spurs in six games in the Western Conference Semifinals (having beaten the Kings 4-1 in the first round) of the 2004-05 season.

A summary of the transactions (Signed Calvin Booth! Signed Jerome James! Drafted Robert Swift! Drafted Johan Petro! Drafted Saer Sene!) Sund made as GM of the Sonics is at HoopsHype.

UPDATE: Slightly more information about Sund.

Ballhype: hype it up!


Anonymous said...

On the bright side, he sent Milwaukee one year worth of Gary Payton and three years worth of Desmond Mason to Milwaukee for Ray Allen.

Bret LaGree said...

True, but that's not as funny as a list of lousy big men someone acquired and I'd just had to abandon my lighthearted post about Chris Grant turning down the GM job (which would have quoted Bronn at length) plus my Marvin Williams season review post has turned unexpectedly solemn.

I was antsy to make a cheap gag.

Sund also has a pretty good record with second round picks which would be a nice change of pace and his interest in foreign players might lead one to believe that David Andersen's more likely to arrive stateside.

Anonymous said...

I'm is it unexpected that your review of Marvin's 2008 would be solemn? I watched enough of him to know that you have to dig deep to find positive things to say about him at this point in his career.

One thing I should mention before you publish your review of Marvin. I was looking at his shooting stats on and I discovered that his jumpshooting last year wasn't nearly as effective as I thought. I guess I simply assumed that he was a very efficient jumpshooter and very poor in the post. I found out this wasn't exactly the case. Would love to hear your input on those numbers.

Bret LaGree said...

You've pretty much nailed why writing Marvin's season review has gotten me down: he has one skill at this point (two-point jump shooting) and it's not a very valuable skill to have nor one likely to be worth much to another team. Plus, Marvin always plays hard and I think it's clear he's trying to be a better player but it's not happening for him yet. I have some empathy for him.