Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Official Announcement of Rick Sund Hiring

Quotes from the press release...

Michael Gearon:
"Rick has an enormous amount of experience, and an outstanding reputation around the league. During this process, as we spoke with basketball people that we respect around the NBA, everyone had glowing things to say about Rick and his work. Our objective was to add an individual who would help us take the momentum we gained last season, and move to the next level. We feel we’ve done that, and we’re thrilled to add someone of Rick’s caliber to our franchise."
Rick Sund:
"I’m very excited and impressed with what the Hawks have currently developed and I look forward to continuing that process. They captivated the attention of fans locally and nationally with their play during the playoffs, and I too, was impressed with the effort they displayed throughout that series. We have a great nucleus of players, and while we have some work ahead of us, there’s tremendous potential and continued growth with the guys on this roster. I look forward to getting more familiar with the coaching staff and players as we look to build on the success this franchise has enjoyed this postseason."
The man can already refer to a first-round playoff loss during which the Hawks were outscored by 12 points per game as postseason success. He'll fit right in.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm reading into this, but it sure sounds like his comment about getting familiar with the coaching staff means that we'll be keeping the current regime in place. I'm assuming that was part of the deal all along, which is why two top candidates for the job withdrew their names. I had hoped, when I saw that the new GM was somewhat established, he might be given some autonomy. We'll still have to wait and see about that.