Friday, May 02, 2008

A Raucous Home Crowd Is Not Guaranteed

This morning's AJC does not fill one with confidence that a rabid mob of Hawks die-hards will fill Philips Arena tonight. Between this article full of quotes from people unapologetic in their ignorance (This trait befuddles me regardless of topic and led to, while watching Game 3 at a party, a serious, silly argument between me and a guy I'd never met before who took the position that Woodson isn't to blame for the Hawks' borderline mediocrity. Well, that and alcohol led to the argument.) and this fan's guide to attending a Hawks game, I suspect we'll have a lot of first-timers in the building. Pray that it's not a sell-out primarily because the game represents a thing to do rather than the unalloyed fact that it's the biggest Atlanta Hawks basketball game in damn near a generation.

I am confident that, if necessary to capture the attention of those attending what they think is a social event, Zaza Pachulia will be willing again to almost set off a scrap during the second quarter. As to whether he'll choose an opponent, a referee, or his head coach as a sparring partner I make no prediction.

Ballhype: hype it up!

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