Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Revisting the Bulls' Rotation

The fine folks at Blog-a-Bull pointed me toward an article I'd missed when preparing my earlier post.

From KC Johnson of the Chicago Tribune:
With seven new players, Bulls coach Scott Skiles has said he might begin as early as Wednesday's exhibition opener against Washington to try to establish a rotation.

In another breath, he has talked about being cognizant of possibly playing into late May or even June and the inherent need to keep players fresh.

"We're a pretty deep team," Skiles said after practice Monday. "The fact we may play a lot of guys on Wednesday may end up how we play. We may play 10, 11, 12 guys most of the season.

"I'd like the guys to settle into some sort of routine they can expect every game. We have so many guys who are good players, but all do something a little bit different that nobody really jumps way in front of anybody. We think that's a strength, our versatility. I'd be foolish if I don't try to use all that."

"There may be two or three guys that are very valuable to our team that play for a week and the next week don't play that much," Skiles said. "But they're there when we need them and for certain matchups, we'll get them out there. We're trying to sort all that out now. It's very difficult."

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