Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Matters of Hoopinion, Western Conference

Hoopinion is for Jackie Butler out-producing and under-eating Mike Sweetney ca. 2005.

Hoopinion is for living with Beno Udrih's bad possessions.

Hoopinion is against Jacque Vaughn providing much value other than as an unofficial player/coach.

Hoopinion is for good health for big Phoenicians and Leandro Barbosa playing off the ball.

Hoopinion has always been against the conventional wisdom regarding Marcus Banks' potential.

Hoopinion is for acknowledging that Marcus Banks is a significantly better point guard than Eddie House.

Hoopinion is for Austin Croshere (in a contract year).

Hoopinion is against the redundancy of Devean George in Dallas.

Hoopinion is for Earl Watson entering the discussion regarding who makes the Olympic Team.

Hoopinion is for Luke Ridnour becoming an excellent backup point guard.

Hoopinion is for Bob Hill reminding people that he's a pretty good NBA head coach.

Hoopinion is against there being a good solution as to who Seattle should play at the 5.

Hoopinion is already against picking the Sonics to win the Northwest.

Hoopinion is for Shane Battier, Kirk Snyder, and Luther Head making Houston's offense fully functional.

Hoopinion is for Jeff Van Gundy developing a love/hate relationship with Steve Novak.

Hoopinion is against Little John Lucas and his distressingly phony father.

Hoopinion is for Maurice Evans getting to play a key role on a good team.

Hoopinion is against Smush Parker keeping his starting job for 82 games.

Hoopinion is for Jordan Farmar. Next year. And Quincy Douby, too.

Hoopinion is for considering Ron Artest shooting a lot of jump shots as further evidence of his mental instability.

Hoopinion is against whatever it is that Sacramento, Phoenix, and Toronto see in John Salmons.

Hoopinion is for JR Smith maturing into his talents.

Hoopinion is still against George Karl being allowed to coach basketball again after the 2002 World Championships.

Hoopinion is against the idea that Linas Kleiza can refrain from turning the ball over a second year in a row.

Hoopinion is for Elton Brand producing a Werner Herzog film.

Hoopinion is for Sam Cassell sticking around long enough to be named player/coach of an NBA team.

Hoopinion is against the clash of pride between Mike Dunleavy and Corey Maggette.

Hoopinion is for Ronnie Brewer.

Hoopinion is against expecting Chris Paul and David West to improve significantly.

Hoopinion is against criticizing Paul and West for merely remaining their excellent selves.

Hooopinion is for criticizing Tyson Chandler, Cedric Simmons, and Hilton Armstrong when they fail to catch more than 3 out of 5 passes from Paul.

Hoopinion is against Byron Scott's inability to maiximize his players' skills and minimize their weaknesses.

Hoopinion is for Randy Foye, should he ever touch the ball.

Hoopinion is for Kevin Garnett.

Hoopinion is against anyone who blames Garnett for Kevin McHale's failures.

Hoopinion is against the idea of Memphis's young players attempting to play games at 85 or fewer possessions until Pau Gasol returns.

Hoopinion is against Mikey Dunleavy being given a significant role at any position.

Hoopinion is against Don Nelson polluting my fond memories of his Milwaukee Bucks teams.

Hoopinion is for Sidney Moncrief, Paul Pressey, and Junior Bridgeman in perpetuity.

Hoopinion is for Ike Digou and Andris Biedrins getting minutes.

Hoopinion is for Portland's hard work paying off sometime around 2009.

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