Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Matters of Hoopinion, Eastern Conference

Hoopinion is for living with Drew Gooden's bad possessions

Hoopinion is for Anderson Varejao when he's rebounding.

Hoopinion is against Anderson Varejao when he's flopping, sneaking cheap shots, or diving after loose balls that have already gone out of bounds. Danny Ferry and the people of Cleveland, these are not things to celebrate.

Hoopinion is for playing Kirk Hinrich at the point exclusively.

Hoopinion is against comparing Tyrus Thomas to Stromile Swift.

Hoopinion is against the notion that any player could be an effective enough defender to off-set Lindsay Hunter's offensive limitations.

Hoopinion is against Flip Murray being able to figure out what made the Pistons work.

Hoopinion is for living with Brendan Haywood's bad possessions.

Hoopinion is for Jameer Nelson and to a slightly lesser extent, Carlos Arroyo and Travis Diener.

Hoopinion is against Keyon Dooling, any other shoot-first point guard who can't make shots, and GMs who give multi-year contracts to players on the basis of one decent playoff series.

Hoopinion is for Salim Stoudamire, though.

Hoopinion was for Rajon Rondo before everyone else.

Hoopinion is against Al Harrington setting up in the low block while Jermaine O'Neal watches.

Hoopinion is for Milwaukee's long-term planning.

Hoopinion is against Miami's short-term planning because it doesn't involve making any immediate improvements.

Hoopinion is for Raymond Felton taking over the point in Charlotte.

Hoopinion is against anyone finding out that Raymond Felton was ranked ahead of Chris Paul in the 2005 Draft Preview.

Hoopinion is for the implausible: Shavlik Randolph seems like a serviceable NBA backup power forward.

Hoopinion is for PJ Tucker getting an opportunity in Toronto.

Hoopinion is, sadly, against the perception of TJ Ford as being an impact player.

Hoopinion is for Starbury Ones.

Hoopinion is against the possibility of Stephon Marbury playing the one for a successful basketball team.

Hoopinion is for Josh Smith moving without the ball, passing, rebounding, and defending.

Hoopinion is against Josh Smith shooting three-pointers.

Hoopinion is for free agent point guards.

Hoopinion is against Royal Ivey.

Hoopinion is for intangibles in the locker room, in practice, or on the road.

Hoopinion is for, nay demands, tangible contributions from everyone who sees the court.

Hoopinion is against unrealistic expectations.

Hoopinion is for good-natured exuberance.

Hoopinion is for a willingness to be wrong.

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