Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Even Smart People Say Silly Things When It Comes To Eddy Curry

From John Hollinger's Eddy Curry player comment on ESPN Insider, an otherwise sober assesment of the vast difference between Isiah Thomas's expectations for (and concomitant financial investment in) Eddy Curry, "he'll be a beast in the post capable of going off for 30 on any foul-free night."

Hollinger's qualifier doesn't leave many nights for us to discuss, but Curry has kept foul rate down somehwat the last three years (4.8, 4.5, and 5.1 fouls per 40 minutes). Over those last three years, Curry has scored 30 points exactly zero times in 208 games played.

In the 361 games Curry has played in his NBA career, he has scored 30 points twice.
  • On March 22nd, 2003 Curry scored 30 points against a New York Knicks team using Othella Harrington, Kurt Thomas, and Michael Doleac at center.
  • On April 15th of the same year, in the Bulls' final game of the season, Curry scored 31 points against Tyrone Hill, Brian Skinner, and Efthimi Rentzias.
Foul trouble or no, Eddy Curry isn't going to play enough minutes to score thirty points in a game very often--not in his shape, not when he makes less than two-thirds of his free throws, and not with all the turnovers.