Monday, October 16, 2006

PJ Tucker Watch, Episode #3

With Chris Bosh resting a sore left heel, PJ Tucker got extended pre-season minutes for the first time on Sunday, scoring 18 points in a 119-110 win over the Nets. Surprisingly, Tucker grabbed but two rebounds and refrained from turning the ball over.

Reports from Toronto are positive, though Sam Mitchell's nickname for Tucker, "Baby Mule," doesn't do it for me. In Mitchell's defense, my preferred nickname for Tucker, "The Man Who Will Repatriate Joey Graham," isn't especially catchy and carries a sell-by date.

Mitchell, saying what I've been saying for months:
"I don't know what position he plays ... he just plays. We're working him at the three (small forward); he played four (power forward) today and we feel like he can guard some twos (shooting guards), most threes and fours. This kid just battles."

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