Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Is The NBA Season Peaking Early?

Between this picture...

...and the news that should-have-been Team USA member Gilbert Arenas has converted his home to "Colorado altitude," I wonder.

Quoth Agent Zero:
  • "I had my house converted to the Colorado altitude, so I am always above sea level."
  • "I had to put a tent in one room, and then they are going to come during training camp and fix the whole house."
  • "You know, that's kind of weird."
No, Gilbert that's why we love you.

Unfortunately, Arenas backed off his earlier, uniquely reasoned vendetta against Team USA assistants Mike D'Antoni and Nate McMillan: "I said some things, and I vented out against Phoenix and Portland, but those teams actually had nothing to do with anything. That was wrong of me. I really want to say sorry for it and I want to say sorry to Mike D'Antoni."

The good news is that Arenas doesn't need a reason to go for 50 against anybody, that's just something he can do.

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