Monday, August 14, 2006

New Jersey Nets: Transactions, News, Notes

The Nets have upgraded their bench this summer (granted, it's almost impossible to avoid coming out ahead when Jacque Vaughn, Scott Padgett, and Zoran Planinic leave your organization) but they still to figure to rely almost entirely on Kidd, Carter, and Jefferson. If those three stay healthy, the Nets should win the Atlantic Division again. Keep in mind, though, that in '05-'06 Kidd played more minutes than he had since 2003 and Carter played more minutes than he had since 2001. All that good health only helped the Nets to 49 wins and a 4-1 exit at the hands of the Heat in the Conference Semis. Thus, Antoine Wright being a year older and wiser and adding Marcus Williams, Josh Boone, Mikki Moore, and Hassan Adams to the bench might prevent regression more than foster improvement.

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