Thursday, August 03, 2006

Milwaukee Bucks: Transactions, News, Notes

Milwaukee's had a good off-season, one that should be evaluated as the first in a two-step project to create a 50-win team. This off-season, Larry Harris has turned TJ Ford, Joe Smith, and Jamaal Magliore into Steve Blake, Charlie Villanueva, Brian Skinner, and Ruben Patterson. Harris signed Lynn Greer and drafted David Noel to provide cheap, possibly useful, bench depth.

The multi-headed point guard monster of Mo Williams, Charlie Bell, Blake, and Greer should motor along just fine without Ford's poor shooting and defending. The aerodynamic Villanueva's efficient scoring will fit quite nicely alongside rebounding enthusiasts Andrew Bogut, Dan Gadzuric, and Skinner. Patterson will provide a perimeter defensive option other than Bobby Simmons.

Only Redd, Villanueva, Bogut, Simmons, and Gadzuric are under contract for 2007-08. (The team holds options on Skinner and Noel.) Those are the five Bucks you'd definitely want to keep (along with one of the point guards, likely). If Harris can carry out the second step (acquire a player as good or better than Redd) as deftly as he's carried out the first, the he'll be feted in the summer of '07 as John Paxson has been in the summer of '06.

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