Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Los Angeles Clippers: Transactions, News, Notes

The Clippers have made simple, stable, sensible decisions this off-season which still represents something of a brave new world for the organization. They locked up Sam Cassell for the next two years and replaced Vladimir Radmanovic with Tim Thomas in a like-for-like free agent signing.

Cassell's production will probably decline somewhat over the next two years but Shaun Livingston has plenty of room for improvement and he might both off-set Cassell's decline and keep Sam fresh for the play-offs. Thomas is unlikely to match Radmanovic's production (the play-offs were the first time Thomas had played well since 2004) but a healthier Corey Maggette should help the Clippers approach 50 wins again this year.

Second-round draft picks Paul Davis and Guillermo Diaz could improve either the Clippers' bench or lead the Anaheim Arsenal to the post-season.

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