Monday, August 28, 2006

Lightning Round (Part One): Transactions, News, Notes

The last ten teams in the NBA (alphabetically) suffer, with my apologies, the indignity of having their transactions lumped together. I've got to get this done and get ready for the season previews.

Orlando Magic

Signing Keith Bogans and re-signing Trevor Ariza should make up for the loss of DeShawn Stevenson. JJ Redick wasn't (anywhere near) the best player available with the 11th pick, but Orlando may be the best fit for Redick and his particular talent. The Magic should make the play-offs. The Magic will definitely be a regular part of my League Pass rotation.

Philadelphia 76ers

A: The Philadelphia 76ers are so bad...
B: How bad are they?
A: The Philadelphia 76ers are so bad they'll miss John Salmons this season.

To be fair, the Sixers have a fairly interesting (not to be confused with productive) second unit: Louis Williams, Rodney Carney, Willie Green, Shav Randolph, Bobby Jones, and Steven Hunter. Being interesting is not going to help them win any games but I foresee a lot of entertaining garbage time in 2006-07.

Phoenix Suns

Letting Tim Thomas go was a no-brainer. Too many people got far too excited over the twenty decent games he played in the post-season. To expect similar production from Thomas after he signs a new contract would strain credulity. Let's hope that expecting a healthy Amare Stoudemire does not engender a similar strain.

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