Thursday, August 03, 2006

Miami Heat: Transactions, News, Notes

The NBA champions haven't made any significant changes this off-season. Alonzo Mourning has not yet re-signed but he is expected to do so. Gary Payton wants to re-sign as well and will probably get his wish because of Jason Williams' knee surgery. Derek Anderson may seek a buyout from the final year of his contract rather than sit on the end of the Heat bench in either warm-ups or street clothes.

If the end of the Heat bench includes a new face it will most likely be Mike Gansey, who signed a partially guaranteed deal. Gansey's probably a better player than Jason Kapono but neither player figures to make much of an impact, good or bad, in extremely limited minutes.

Chris Quinn, Vincent Grier, and Daniel Horton are the early favorites to be cut before their contracts become guaranteed.

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