Sunday, February 19, 2012

Quote of the Day -- February 19, 2012

Tracy McGrady on the subject of his playing time:
"I’m tired of this [bleep]. You can put that in the paper, I don’t give a [bleep]."
What a wonderful stretch of the season this is.


Bronnt said...

I wonder if, by this [bleep], he's referring specifically to watching Vladimir Radmanovich play. That's probably a fairly reasonable response to last night's game.

JoMo said...

I normally come to the defense of my Hawks when I feel like they are not getting the credit they deserve.....well not today! I have been trying to figure out L.D.'s player rotation, and logic behind it all season. At first I thought he purely gave numbers to players and inserted lets say a 2 for another 2, or 3 for 3. That means Joe for Willie Green, or Marvin for Tracey. I longed to see Marvin and Tracey in the game at the same time! I still haven't seen it! Last night I did see three guards in the game at once with Teague, Hinrich, and Joe and thought it could work but Jeff played perhaps his worst game of the year. Then I saw Zaza leave the game for Vlad Rad and I was like ok he has 4 fouls, he willl be back shortly. However, non of the substitutions had true logic behind them. To make matters worse, when Marvin came out of the game for Willie Green I think in the 3rd, I thought Marvin was hot because he scored 5 points in 2 minutes. He was stretching the defense with Joe and Teague at that moment in time. Now having recalled all of that, can someone please help me understand the rotation!??! Please, please, please. I understand the team needs another productive 5, but tell me why Marvin always comes out 1st after 7 minutes in the 1st quarter, or why Zaza and Al get what is now known as the Horford treatment when they get into foul trouble!!! I really need some answers!!! Please help. I'm a Grady Baby who can't help but support the lowly Hawks!

Jonesy2x4 said...

Im with you on that one JoMo, Marvin was doing everything we needed him to do in order for Atlanta to come back, and he just sits him. His rotations make no logical sense