Thursday, February 02, 2012

Initial Feedback: Some Thoughts

Initial feedback: A completely subjective and immediate response to the events of tonight's game, featuring a comment and rating, the latter on a scale of 1 to 10, on every player who saw the floor and the head coach, along with ephemera and miscellany as the author deems necessary.

Your ratings and commentary, dear reader, are welcomed in the comments to this post.


Josh Smith: If Josh Smith is results-oriented, he'll shoot at least six jump shots on Saturday. 5/10

Jeff Teague
: Lionel Hollins must have been in the 1979-80 Topps NBA set I collected back in Westmoreland, KS which put me on this path. 4/10

Joe Johnson: I don't remember his card at all. 4/10

Marvin Williams: Larry Drew was still at Missouri, then. I have no first hand memory of his collegiate playing days (still miss you, Kansas City Kings, though) and consider myself lucky not to have lived consciously through a time when Kansas had the lesser college basketball program on the border. 3/10

Zaza Pachulia: Lionel Hollins was on the 1976-77 NBA Champion Portland Trail Blazers. That team had a outsized impact on my childhood for three reasons 1) Older folks thought it really important for me to understand that Bill Walton was not always a gimp with fused ankles but perhaps the greatest post-Wilt center when healthy, 2) Maurice Lucas was awesome, in both senses of the word, 3) Twardzik is not a name easily forgotten. 3/10

Kirk Hinrich: It's best not overreact to the events of any one game. 3/10

Tracy McGrady: It's especially good not to overreact to the events of any one game in an atypically compressed season. 3/10

Vladimir Radmanovic: I wonder what Kenyon Martin thought about tonight's game? Does this result leave him cold, in need of a more likely contender? Does it make him anticipate potentially available minutes in Atlanta? 3/10

Jason Collins: Is this the worst of what happens when you play Jason Collins for no good reason? Be well, impediment, be well. No rating

Jannero Pargo: A nice night for the Pargo family. I'm not made of stone. 3/10

Willie Green: With each passing day, I become less convinced that the regular season will define this team. 3/10

Ivan Johnson: This hunch brings me no comfort. 3/10

Jerry Stackhouse: It's inherently unfair to judge this team on the playoffs. The players, at least. This team isn't built for the playoffs. Or anything particular, really. Blowout losses at home are the worst and, regardless of good intentions, overreaction is, in the end, inevitable. 1/10

The head coach
The flip side of handling your business. 2/10

A thought regarding the opposition
I don't know how talented Josh Selby is, but there is no doubt in my mind that the existence of NCAA basketball, in its current form, was terrible for his development.

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James Goeders said...

I feel like the 2/10 for Drew is too high, but it's not like he was getting much effort out of his players. As sloppy as the Grizzlies were in the first quarter the Hawks completely out-sloppied them over the final three