Monday, February 13, 2012

Quote of the Day -- February 13, 2012

Willie Green:
"Any time a team is able to get that many fast-break points -- and we let those guys penetrate, get to the basket, get to the free-throw line – you are in for a long night. We have to do a better job with our effort on the defensive end of the court. We have to be better in order for us to be an elite type of team. Right now we’ve got to look in the mirror and do a better job than we did tonight."
With the road trip coming up, it'll be more than 48 hours between the end of last night's debacle and the next Hawks game. It's best to go ahead and get it all out of your system. Don't hold it in and let it eat at you from the inside. In that spirit, when Willie Green* is the voice of reason, the institution of the Atlanta Hawks rather fundamentally fails to inspire confidence.

*Another nice game, by the way. Not especially effective in terms of helping the team win, nor indicative of him needing more minutes, but the Hawks are getting all they could reasonably hope for from Willie Green and he deserves credit for that.

With the Hawks visiting three teams with winning records and two that will try and pick-and-roll them to death, the opportunity exists for them to improve the mood as they improve their record. Or, they'll just make clear that the number one priority for the rest of the season will be getting under the salary cap.


Jon L. said...

Sadly, this fully encompasses everything this season has in store. I try to reel in my expectations but I would still like to see something out of these guys that doesn't remind me of the last 5 years. I'm worried that I'll be left unsatisfied, yet again.

On an unrelated note, how to you not get more comments? Are we just short on fans in this city? I really enjoy your blog and have read it for two years now (this being my first comment doesn't help me defend myself from my own criticism). You bring a sound voice to this team that most can't bring to the table. Thanks for that.

Bronnt said...

Jon, I think it's just that Bret says everything there is to be said. It's hard to add anything when someone manages to hit all the important points for the Hawks. And the word verifcation necessary for every comment essentially means no one posts just to say, "Great post," or "FIRST!"

pablo debs said...

sometimes i feel coach drew just has to let guys play. randomnlyhanding out minutes to willie green,ivan the terrible, t mac, and vlad doesnt help. he needs to say "these guys will play x number of minutes and this will be my rotation. he pulls guys from the game to fast and leaves guys in for to long. hes doing a terrible job handling his teams rotation. just because t mac goes 1-4 doesn't mean to take him out and just because willie green goes 3-3 that doesn't mean leave him in. your players have to gain trust in their coaches methods and i feel he demoralizes them by doing what he does