Monday, February 13, 2012

The Hawks Against Opponents of Quality

I'm not entirely satisfied with how I presented this information yesterday and I believe I have set things up so I can update these splits after every game so that this can be a recurring feature comparing the team's performance against teams above and below .500.

First, general efficiency:

OpponentOff EffDef EffMargin
under .500113.398.4+14.9
over .50098104.3-6.3

Next, shooting and scoring:

OpponentTS%2PT%3PT%3PTA/FGAFT RateFT%
under .50055.248.539.9.23722.476.2
over .50050.344.738.4.20716.769.3

Obviously, the next step is to look at shot location data broken down by quality of opponent. I'll get to that when I can carve out a couple of hours to compile the data accurately. I'm not foolish enough to promise when that will be.

About a third of the decline in Free Throw Rate against teams above .500 is due to the team's inferior free throw percentage in those games.

Shooting and scoring defense:

OpponentTS%2PT%3PT%3PTA/FGAFT RateFT%
under .50050.445.133.5.22223.479.7
over .50051.346.436.1.19623.573.6

Finally, rebounding and turnovers:

OpponentOR%DR%TO%Opp TO%
under .50028.876.214.717.5
over .50020.273.71515.1

The differences in the above table are stark.

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