Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quote of the Day -- January 21, 2012

Larry Drew:
"It got tough for us in the third quarter and we quit. That’s what happened."
Strong words following a game where your team allowed just a point per possession on the road against a team that ranks in the top five in the league in offensive efficiency. The Hawks shot the ball poorly and rebounded worse (or vice-versa, I wouldn't argue the particulars) but those are both single-game risks inherent with this roster, built around jump shooters and reflecting a long-held, institutional belief that rebounding is not a skill.

With Al Horford out, Marvin Williams is clearly the team's third-best rebounder. Either Tracy McGrady or Vladimir Radmanovic is the fourth-best rebounder. And the team is again near the top of the league in long, two-point jump shots attempted per game. That's not accounting for pace.

If you're going to have fewer than 90 offensive possessions a game and you're going to use 26 of those possessions on long, two-point jump shots, then you're going to have nights where you struggle to score and put tremendous pressure on your performance in the other three factors.


Unknown said...

I find it stunning that after so many other occasions where the word quit was an understatement for this team that LAST NIGHT was the example that Larry Drew comes up with. I never thought I'd say this, but I agree with Josh. No way I'm going to call my team quitters and if I am - then what you really need to say is .. here are the guys who let me down and at the top of that list should have been Joe Johnson. But QUIT - sorry, not last night.

Adam Malka said...

I think you've been too generous to Drew this season. His grades, even his 4's (and such), seem to come on a curve. The man should be marked down every game he plays Collins over Pachulia, refuses to let McGrady play with the starters, and limits Marvin's minutes for guys like Willie Green. He should also be held accountable when, as soon as the game ends, he makes comments like these--demonstrating that he actually doesn't understand why his team lost.

It's one thing for play-by-play guys to harp on effort and "juice" and other such concepts. It's another thing for the coach truly to believe that such psychological factors are all there is. I know he's coaching, and that he's drawing up plays, and occasionally making substitutions based on the opponent's team. But Drew also seems manifestly incapable of understanding the specific, structural problems with his offense, and thus equally incapable of remedying those problems.

If they rely heavily on jump shots, there will be nights when they get obliterated--high intensity or not.

Bret LaGree said...

Adam --

At the same time, I'd argue that all of those specific problems you identify are endemic in the organization and Drew is more than manifestation than the cause.

I mean, the Hawks didn't hire Dwane Casey, they hired Larry Drew and the team has demonstrated a weakness for veteran jump shooters and a disinterest in acquiring good rebounders for years.

Drew is the head coach through some combination of cost, agreement with organizational philosophy, and willingness not to challenge that philosophy. If I'm too generous, it's because, even though I disagree with many of his decisions, I'm sympathetic about his situation.

Lewis said...

Well said Bret.

Just wanted to say I've really been enjoying your posts this year (not that I haven't also enjoyed them in the past.)

Adam Malka said...

Bret -

Fair enough. I re-read what I wrote and worry that it came off as more critical than I intended. I just meant to push back a little, but mainly to complain further about Drew.

Also, I love the work you do as well. Keep it up.

Jerel Shaw said...

Well hopefully LD reads your blog and will make some necessary adjustments-better late than never, or now than later. Well, if LD doesn't get, I do. And, I would hate to think that he's incapable.

Unknown said...

Larry Drew doesnt flinch when Josh takes jumpers with 17 seconds on the shot clock....He has shown no willingness to change that. Also, Adam - I dont think Zaza can play 40 minutes a night so it makes sense that Collins gets some PT. The worst part of all of this is our players are NOT Jump Shooters...They just shoot jump shots. Rip Hamilton is a jump shooter. Josh Smith isnt, he just takes them!