Sunday, January 01, 2012

Quote of the Day -- January 1, 2012

Larry Drew:
"We reverted back to short closeouts and not getting out there with a sense of urgency. With our theory as far as closeouts you have got to make them put the ball on the floor. We did not do that."
Ironically, short closeouts may be the best way to defend the Heat on Monday night.

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Bronnt said...

Also this gem:

“I hope my young guy can take a look at that and see how you can impact the game and not score points,” Drew said. “Sometimes scoring can be overrrated. Good point guards still find a way to impact the game irregardless if they score.”

Teague had only just attempted his first field goal of the night before he was pulled in the third quarter...for Willie Green. Is Drew upset with Teague for being TOO aggressive?