Monday, May 03, 2010

Mike Woodson on Using Jason Collins Against Dwight Howard

Josh Robbins reports from Atlanta (HT: Orlando Pinstriped Post) as Mike Woodson provides specificity and transparency that are hallmarks of his interactions with media:
"He’ll be a big body that will come into play along with Zaza in this series for sure. That’s kind of what we brought him in for. So, depending on how the foul situation goes, yes, he will play a role having to guard Howard."
It's been done. It didn't help. Two fouls and a turnover in 1:47. During part of a 15-2 Orlando run.

I don't think that excluding Jason Collins entirely from the action* on March 24th is the reason the Hawks but I don't think it hurt.

*And limiting Mario West to two appearances, the first lasting 11 seconds and the second 16 seconds.

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Jerry Hinnen said...

Yes, the answer to "How do we score against Dwight Howard?" is most definitely to let him "guard" a player he can ignore completely and who will contribute nothing to getting him into foul trouble.