Monday, May 10, 2010

Long Two-Point Jumpers As Team Identity Redux

I wrote about 16-23 foot two-point jump shots--that the Magic force opponents to take them, nearly refuse to take the shot themselves, that the Hawks appear neither to recognize nor care about the intrinsic value of one type of shot attempt, and both teams' tendencies are magnified when they face each other--before the series began.

That has only continued. This is the updated comparison of shot type through seven games between the Atlanta Hawks and the Orlando Magic


The Hawks have now taken twice as many long two-point jump shots as the Magic in their seven games against Orlando. Twice as many. Over 12 more a game, while Orlando attempts 10 more three-pointers and 8 more free throws. Which more than makes up for Orlando's relatively poor three-point and free throw shooting. Yes, the Magic have outscored the Hawks by 152 points over 7 games despite making three-point shots and free throws at less frequently than normal.

This is the data-based exemplification of what I was trying to say when I somewhat injudiciously called the Atlanta Hawks "an unserious basketball team" in early March. The Hawks are neither ruthless nor exact in their approach. In addition to being more talented, the Magic are both ruthless and exact in their execution. It has made much of the difference in this series.

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Legs Diamond said...

The Hawks have no offensive system, no variations, no passing schemes, which against a systematic defense like Orlando' makes them very (very) predictable. Due to their lack of ability to get offense, Orlando is able to execute transition offense.... The "sulking" is a result of not playing in a system that enables the Hawks great talent. They are playing within a box. They simply have to get more options from the coaching staff.