Thursday, May 06, 2010

Learning How To Win

It's not pleasant to hear, it's probably not pleasant to admit, but Mike Woodson speaks the truth:
"We get down and it’s like we kind of bury our heads and the team goes the other way. At home we don’t do that. We get down at home and we find a way to get back in the game and then we win the game. I still want to say our team’s still learning how to win. It’s not easy winning on the road, but surely it can’t be that lopsided."
Here's a handy chart (courtesy of ESPN Stats and Research) regarding the 11 losses the current incarnation of the Hawks have suffered in 13 road playoff games:

Losing MarginNumber of Losses
15+ Points10
20+ Points8
25+ Points6
30+ Points2
35+ Points1

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