Friday, August 28, 2009

Horford Fouls Out Again As Dominican Team Wins


It took 34 minutes of play for Al Horford to foul out* of his second game in the FIBA Americas Tournament, a 100-87 victory for the Dominican Republic over Panama. Horford posted a more respectable 10 point, seven rebound, three assist line this time out. The Dominican team is off until Saturday night, when they face Venezuela.

*These are 40-minute games with five fouls equaling disqualification.


thirdfalcon said...

Unfortunately I don't get ESPN360, but it can't be a good sign that Horford can't even get shots on the Dominican Team. What are they doing? Just running everything Through Charlie V?

Bret LaGree said...

Luis Flores and Francisco Garcia have attempted 57 of the team's 123 field goals and 31 of 49 free throws.

Horford's never been a heavy-lifter in an offense. The Florida offense during his junior year was ridiculously, perfectly balanced, and, though people tend to forget it, Joakim Noah was the team's leading scorer (per possession at least) during their first national championship season.