Tuesday, August 25, 2009

FIBA Americas Tournament on ESPN360

Hawks fans needn't wait until October to see Al Horford in action. Horford will represent the Dominican Republic in the FIBA Americas tournament. The tournament runs through the sixth of September and every game will be available on ESPN360*.

The opening day quadruple-header tips off tomorrow at 1:30pm EDT when the Virgin Islands play Uruguay. The Dominican Republic/Brazil game follows at 4. Venezuela and Argentina square off at 6:30 before Mexico and Puerto Rico provide the end of the beginning at 9.

Panama and Canada debut on the 27th.

*If any of you Comcast customers are unaware, you've now got access to a wonderful resource of live and in demand sports content. That's not an advertisement, that's one man's evident delight.

EDIT (2:15pm): A thorough preview from Jay Aych at The Painted Area. Mundo Albiceleste offers a quality Argentinian-centric preview.

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John said...

Sorry writing in English as I'm from Malaysia.

I'm looking forward to this tournament even though the absence of team USA might have taken the gloss just little bit. But still there is all to play for.

It must be exciting to see just how the Dominican Rep are going to fare with present of such world class talent. I will be surprise if they missed out on the trip Turkey next year. Brazil as always will bring their best and surely they would want to make up for missing on last year's Olympic. The host will look very dangerous plus Venezuela, Canada or even Mexico.

In the meantime, please check out my preview of the tournament. Your comments will be highly appreciated