Thursday, August 27, 2009

Disappointing Opener for Horford, Dominican Republic


Brazil beat the Dominican Republic 81-68 on the first day of the FIBA Americas Tournament. Al Horford had five points (on four shots) and seven rebounds before fouling out* in just 18 minutes of play.

With two points for a win, one for a loss, and four of five teams from the group advancing to the quarterfinal, the result is far from a campaign killer. The Dominican team is back in action at 1:30pm EDT, live on ESPN360.

*I imagine Mike Woodson's giving the boxscore the once-over and shaking his head in disgust.

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John said...

I must say this wasn't the kind of result I would have expected from the Tall Albiceleste. They should have beaten Venezuela but what kind I say about the performance. Venezuela played extremely well and they deserve this win.

All hope is not lost yet for us as I believe we can still nick it into the top four for the automatic berth.

The next match against Brazil will be huge test for Sergio Hernandez and his boys. It's always classic encounter between these two.

Appreciate your thoughts on the match and your feedback is always welcome.