Thursday, January 29, 2009

Joe Johnson Is an All-Star

Congratulations to Joe for the honor. I think all Hawks fans hope the honor is sufficient to satisfy Joe and he takes one for the team (the Hawks, not the Eastern Conference All-Stars) and rests for most of the exhibition.

Glad I didn't have to post the alternately titled draft I'd prepared.

Johnson's reaction:
"It’s a huge accomplishment and honor. And not only for me, but for the entire organization. It’s a tribute to my teammates and the coaching staff, because without them it’s not even possible."
Mike Woodson also tapped that vein:
"I think it’s great for not only Joe, but our entire organization. And he’s put himself in this position because of how he’s performed individually as well as how we’ve performed as a team. I don’t see how he could not have been on the All-Star team with all he’s done."
Mike Bibby:
"For all the great players that have come through this league, just to make it once is an accomplishment. For Joe to make it three years in a row is something special. And I absolutely expected him to be on that team."


Unknown said...

A very well deserved honor. Congratulations to him.

CoCo said...

Could you email me that draft? ;)