Monday, January 10, 2005

Still Undefeated

Unfortunately, both teams played down to the level of the color commentary in the first half. (Brief Packer complaints: 1) Though the offense was woeful both ways, there was some good team defense played, and, who really thought there would be much scoring in this game anyway? 2) A sequence to bear in mind when Billy's ripping the selection committee this March. Verne Lundquist introduces a graphic showing Kansas atop the RPI standings and Billy says, "I don't really understand how they can be number one in the RPI without having played a road game." Don't really understand sums it up for all of us at home. Thank goodness there are no decimal points in putt-putt.)

The second half was much better (Kansas 44 Kentucky 34, how could it not be?). Michael Lee has now played two good games in a row. I didn't think Kansas could beat both Georgia Tech and Kentucky with Simien. I'm impressed that they went into Lexington and won behind the offensive contributions of Moody, Giles, and Kaun. Apparently the freshmen were being held back by not being exposed to a hostile crowd in 2004. I'm impressed with the team defense since Christmas (granted Tech struggled once Elder left the game and Kentucky's not a very good offensive team to begin with).

The first Jayhawk win in Lexington ever certainly makes up for the discomfort of trailing Texas A&M in the Field House with less than five minutes left last Wednesday night. The game in Ames this Wednesday could be the ugliest one yet unless Langford, Moody, Robinson, and Simien make speedy recoveries.

A purely speculative ranking in order of their likelihood to play in Ames:

1) Robinson
2) Moody
3) Langford
4) Simien

Coming this week, a look back at the variety of ways in which my NBA and NCAA previews were horribly wrong and the ways in which they might yet be proven right.

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