Thursday, January 20, 2005

It's Just Difficult to Lose When You Only Allow 60 Points a Game

Though God knows the Jayhawks tried to lose last night. Their shortcomings, in order of importance:

1) Missing 15 free throws.

2) Shooting 46 eFG% from the floor (entering game at 52.9 eFG%).

3) Wasting transition opportunities throughout the second half.

4) Rebounding a mere 18.7% of their misses, about half of their season average (35.4 %)entering the game.

5) Allowing Joe McCray's half-assed Gabe Muoneke impression to feed their frustrations created by 1) and 2).

Defense saved the Jayhawks last night. Nebraska's not a good shooting team on the season, but Kansas made them look terrible (37.7 eFG%) and slightly bettered their season average defensive rebounding rate (69.2% to 68.5%).

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