Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Teams I Don't Trust

Alabama: The Crimson Tide parlayed three good games last March into top fifteen consideration this pre-season. I’m skeptical. They were 8-8 in a conference that only had two good teams and they have to replace their point guard.

Washington: All five starters return for a team that surprised, but got a lot more positive attention than a 19-12 team that lost in the first round of the tournament deserved. If they buy into how great they are, they’re more likely to be caught by Oregon than to pass Arizona and Stanford in the Pac-10. The four-guard set is unlikely to make much impact on a national stage.

Florida: It’s taken eight years, but people are starting to notice that Billy Donovan isn’t a very good coach. An unquestionably tireless recruiter, even that effort begins to pale when top recruits fail to stay at Florida. The team should look the same as last year. David Lee is still a good player who doesn’t get enough touches; Anthony Roberson is still not a point guard; and Matt Walsh still has a game I hate more than words.

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