Wednesday, November 10, 2004

NCAA Preview

It's much more difficult to write an NCAA preview than an NBA preview for the simple reason that I've seen the NBA players play ball for years. Outside of Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, and Syracuse every national championship contender will need freshmen whom I've never seen play to make key contributions. I can't forecast that, I could only guess; of which I've done a little.

Also, because freshmen have key roles on so many teams and the constant player turnover, coaching is a greater cause of success or failure in college than in the NBA. Pound-for-Pound is the greatest basketball coach in the world, but I'd never give the Pistons their own category (as I've done with Rick Pitino's Louisville Cardinals) in an NBA preview. Similarly, at least until Isiah takes over the Knicks, no NBA coach could have the adverse effect upon talent that Billy Donovan exerts

As the season progresses, there will be more college and less NBA content here for the very reasons I've mentioned above: the excitement of discovering new players (I can't wait to see Marvin Williams, Rudy Gay, Rajon Rondo, Malik Hairston, JP Batista, and Russell Robinson play.) and the greater variety of abilities on display.

The NBA monopolizes the pre-season and post-season, but from next Monday until April 4th Hoopinion will be college-centric.

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