Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Let's get it started...

Even with the Chiefs finally playing as I knew the could against Atlanta and Indianapolis the past two weeks, their season is already a disappointment, and their chances of pulling out a respectable playoff run are slim. Kansas finally beat K-State in football this year, and that win will define this season. They're better, and in the Big 12 North, better goes a long way to being near the top, but now Adam Barmann is out for the season, and any other big wins are doubtful. Bring on basketball season.

I blame my inability to finish and post my NBA preview until NBA tip-off day on Election Day apprehension. As Nov. 2 approached, I found myself suddenly completely stressed out at the possibility that the world might be stuck with four more years of Bush and his cronies. Thankfully, as we wait an unknown number of days and court cases for the results, I can amuse myself with the less life and civil rights-threatening antics of Iverson, Kobe and Spree rather than deal with the political reality we live in. It's a new season, and after my failed Kirk Hinrich for Rookie of the Year campaign last year, I've moved on to the more ambitious Hinrich for MVP campaign.

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Anonymous said...

Who is this Carrie LaGree person? Why doesn't she tell us a bit about herself? Is she hiding something? Inquiring Iowa minds want to know.