Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Little help?

I've been looking forward to Bill Simmons' NBA preview for a week or so now primarily for the joy of witnessing him rip Knicks GM (and future Knicks coach) Isiah Thomas. Sometimes it seems Simmons alone holds Thomas accountable for his disastrous stints as Raptors GM (building a team around Damon Stoudamire), Pacers coach (losing a play-off series to the inferior Celtics by having Al Harrington attempt to guard Paul Pierce for long stretches and playing Ron Mercer at point guard in the 4th quarter), and CBA executioner (no parenthetical necessary).

So I read it and now I'm confused. Perhaps my sister could unpack the following reference for me: "From a competitive standpoint, even the Real World/Road Rules Challenge isn't as lopsided as the NBA right now. And the Knicks don't even have someone like Tonya."



nomadreader said...

I assume he's referring not to Tonya's tendency to flash her boobs and hook up with members of the opposing team, which would be an interesting take on the Knicks' behavior. Four missions into the Challenge the girls teams is 0-4. They haven't even been competitive, but Tonya is still kicking ass. In the melt-the-cowboy-hat-ice-sculpture mission, she stuffed her mouth with rocks (in New Mexico in August) to increase the temperature of her mouth before she sucked and licked the ice. In this week's eat-gross-things-without-puking mission, she downed about ten large balls of wasabi. She will do anything to win.

Bret LaGree said...

So, the East are the winless girls and the Knicks lack a ruthlessly competitive edge?