Saturday, May 19, 2012

Clip-and-Save Future Atlanta Hawks News

While noting that Larry Drew had his option picked up and will return as head coach, let's get a few items out of the way to clear up the schedule for the next 12 months or so:
  • A GM is named for the 2012-13 season. Note: the name of this GM really won't really effect any of the following.
  • The Hawks sign a series of players available for the minimum, who take lots of jump shots, and have names recognizable to ownership to one-year deals.
  • The GM and or an owner announces the Hawks will not trade Josh Smith.
  • The Hawks offer Josh Smith a contract extension.
  • Josh Smith does not sign a contract extension.
  • Fall 2012 headline: Healthy Hawks Target Return to the Second Round.
  • Another Fall 2012 headline: Hawks Decide Not To Use Amnesty Provision.
  • The 2012-13 season transpires, wherein lots of jump shots are attempted, above average defense is played, local columnists occasionally broach the key issue of the 2008 offseason, the Hawks win about 45 games, make no significant transactions, lose in the first or second round of the playoffs, national media get opportunity to file their "Is Joe Johnson Really the Hawks' Best Player?" columns, now five years after the question was relevant to the Hawks making moves toward a championship.
  • Spring 2013 headline: Big Offseason Decisions Coming For Hawks.
  • Josh Smith signs with another team, for a contract that team will come to regret, a fact which does little to assuage the final missed opportunity of Josh Smith's career with the Hawks: losing him for nothing.


khodithelight said...

Larry Drew coming back? Jump shot city!

jrauch said...

Jump Shot City is nowhere near as exciting as Lob City.

I doubt we'll be seeing t-shirts printed up with the slogan in the ATL next year.

johnpfeiffer said...


Love this article. Soooooo true that it hurts. There are about 12 or so non-Hawk employees wondering why the Hawks are happy to sit in the middle of the pack where they have taken up permanent residence. Not bad enough to get a great player, not good enough to threaten anyone. Josh wants us to commit, but where is the organization's commitment? Not that they would come, but with no cap on coaching $$ why not explore a better coach? We knew SVG would become available. No FA will come here, and we will not get a high pick. Grrrrrrr

Unknown said...

People wonder why (and ESPN never lets us forget) the Hawks don't have as much support as other teams. This post is so true, has been true for the past couple of seasons, and will be true for the forseeable future. Bad teams know they can build through the draft, the Hawks "build" by signing shoot first guys and coaches that let them shoot.