Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Truth About It: 3-on-3: Back To Atlanta, What On Earth Will Jordan Crawford Do?

For the second day in a row, I'm riding the coattails of a more industrious TrueHoop Network blog. Over at Truth About It, Kyle Weide, Rashad Mobley, and I each posed a question for the 3-on-3 previewing tonight's game between the Wizards and Hawks:
Rashad Mobley: The Hawks lack a significant scoring threat off the bench, and Wizards are lacking a veteran presence in the back court to mentor/guide/spell John Wall. Jordan Crawford could be that bench threat for the Hawks, and Kirk Hinrich (when healthy) could play that role again for the Wizards. The draft pick part of the trade that brought Chris Singleton to D.C. notwithstanding, would Crawford and Hinrich be more effective on their old teams?

Bret LaGree: Hawks fans generally agreed that Jordan Crawford was talented but whether or not he could use his talents within the structure of a good basketball team proved divisive. Can he be a starter on a playoff team or is he destined for a life putting up shots on bad teams?

Kyle Weidie: It’s fiscally understandable that Atlanta had to let Jamal Crawford go. People might also agree that Tracy McGrady was a decent, low risk signing. But Willie Green, Jannero Pargo and Jerry Stackhouse….? Really? Why not kick Gilbert Arenas’ tires?
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Unknown said...

The jury is still out for me on Jordan Crawford. In my opinion, he takes a lot of bad shots and forces too much to be a starter.

Mark Phelps said...

From what little evidence we have on Jordan Crawford, he's looking a lot like his namesake Jamal: a high volume, low efficiency scorer best used off the bench. In the 26 games he had as a Wizard last year, he started most of those and still couldn't muster 40% from the field.

The reason Jordan gets his name called during the opening lineups is the Wizards' desire to have the scoring punch of Nick Young with the 2nd unit. Jordan should look to facilitate more for the other starters.