Friday, December 23, 2011

The Salary Cap Situation In 140 Characters

No need to re-type the whole thing here, is there?


Anonymous said...

Except... that Gearon has went on-record with AJC beat writer interview that the ATL ownership anticipates making a move at the deadline that will move them over the LT anyhow... and with the incremental rather than hanging-cliff penalty to being over it, it's a less certain conclusion to reach.

Bret LaGree said...

I read Gearon, Jr.'s Q&A with Michael Cunningham a couple of times and don't remember that quote but am more than willing to be enlightened.

I do recall he said he anticipated the Hawks were going to play "lock-down" defense and push the tempo offensively. Had he mentioned how good Marvin's jump shot looked, he would have hit the training camp trifecta.

If ownership anticipates making a move that puts them over the tax, that's probably because they anticipate the team being a lot closer to contention than they will be. It would be immensely difficult for the Hawks to miss the playoffs but it's difficult to imagine an in-season deal that would net the Hawks the 8-10 wins they'd need to compete with Miami and Chicago.

mick said...

there is because some of us still don't have twitter