Thursday, December 29, 2011

Call For Submissions

I'm pleased with positive response to the initial feedback posts. I developed that format for two reasons:
1) I've written 300-and-some game recaps over the past four seasons and the process has rather lost its luster
2) I will have far less time to devote to this blog than in seasons past.
As to the second point, I wanted to lower the barrier to entry for potential contributors. It's difficult to commit to blogging day-in, day-out and, even should one follow through on that commitment, the rewards can be minimal. If you would be interested in writing the initial feedback post for an upcoming game, send me an email detailing your interest and availability.

If you would be interested in writing a post of any kind regarding the Hawks this season, write it, email it to me, and I promise to read it and respond to you. I'm not looking for people who write like me or agree with me. I'm simply looking for good writing about the Hawks. If it's good, I'll publish it. If it needs more work, I'll ask you to revise it.

The long term plan is to find regular contributors for the site, allowing for flexibility regarding the level of commitment. If you want to write one good essay on a subject of interest and never submit anything again, I'd like to publish that essay. If you want to write a few initial feedback posts over the course of a season, great. If you want to (eventually) help run the site, take part in the TrueHoop Network, and plot to overthrow me from within, that's great, too.


pablo debs said...

what is your email address? i would love to write constructive feedback of the hawks games and players.

Drew said...

A long time lurker, but, I hope your decision to cutback won't be too much. Bret, your writing style is so wonderful -- reading your subtly, dry sarcastic write-ups after each game is one of the few things that has made being a Hawks fan bearable these last couple of seasons.

Elliot said...

I'm such a fan of yours, and I can't wait to write something for your review. E. of